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The First Series


Light is so fleeting in how it dances and moves and plays over the world, lasting mere instances before it changes yet again. I wanted to capture the beauty that lays all around us and how it changes as the day passes. The countryside at different times of the day evokes a different mood in the viewer, with soft morning light seemingly gentle and peaceful and cohesive with the awakening of the day, the bright awareness of midday so alive and full of life and energy, the sunset blazing colours across the sky bringing pause to admire and enjoy, the evening evoking warmth and calmness, an acceptance of the day’s end and reflection of the happenings that passed. In the busyness of modern life, not everybody has time to actually see the beauty that surrounds them so I recreated the passing of a day with of five paintings from the four different times of the day: morning, midday, sunset, evening, for a total of twenty of my favourite scenes from my home valley, Mountain River, Tasmania. 

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'Sublime Light' College Exhibition 2015

Those Were the Days

Acrylic. Completed 2015. There is a grass that when it flowers and seeds, turns the fields white like snow... only in summer. The simplicity of the landscape holds its own type of beauty- remembrance. Purchase Giclee prints and canvas below:

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